Step one

Starting my blog as a Paper Dragon persona today in spite of earlier cautions that in order to be one, I had to be born one.  Let me explain: I grew up in a semi-Chinese family where myth and other unworldly tales were important.  When I was little I overheard my grandma explaining how my cousin was living up to being a Dragon, how good, and generous she was and how smart besides.  My cousin was older and so I felt, of course that was in the order of things: she was ahead of me by one year. Older children were supposed to be good, generous and smart to show us younger ones how to behave. I wanted to be just like her.  Imagine how disappointing it was then to hear that I could not possibly be a Dragon as I was born in the year of the Snake!  I had started school at the Ursuline Convent and had learned how a despicable snake had ruined Paradise for Adam and Eve, and that snakes henceforth stood for all kinds of evil.  

Now as I am older and wiser (Chinese think snakes are wise), I’m still interested in good, generous and smart characters, but also happy to leave some of the disappointments behind me.  Besides, didn’t my friend Michiko explain to me that I was really at least part dragon? My birthday is in spring of the Snake year, and so I must have started life in the Dragon year!  

All kidding aside, with this blog I’m getting my feet wet in social media outreach skills.  I’ll keep track of expanding and evolving tales in my universe. For instance, in all the travels through the cultural layers in my life food has been a beacon of sorts.   I hope to add and fit it in with the  illustrations and writing here. 

With my Paper Dragon persona I hope to share all my ethnic varnishes in words illuminated with images in my favorite medium : paper. 

Welcome to my blog!

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