Terry learned to draw by mail. Lessons took a month from Europe to cross oceans to Java, where she grew up.

Despite her mother’s fears that she would go “art-crazy” like van Gogh, Terry’s interest in images rekindled after a stint as a story reader to English-speaking pre-schoolers in Japan, where she also taught language and history to college kids.

Now, Terry sometimes translates her drawings into cut paper collages. Her illustrations have appeared on-line for Excalibur Books (Japan), Learning A-Z, and in Windows to Adventure for Red Phoenix  Books. To  strengthen her writer's voice, Terry is a member of SCBWI, CBI (Children’s Book Insider) and CBA (Children’s Book Academy).

Terry recently learned to snorkel but is a landlubber at heart. She hopes to keep weaving her inter-cultural life experiences into her images. She is starting to find her writer's voice as well.

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