No Dragons

3/30/2017          NO DRAGONS

Alas the following are reconstituted blog entries.  The originals were written with the intention to add illustrations of sightings of dragons and other mythical beasts.  My phone refused to send out the photos I wanted to take of the sights, so I gave up both capturing digital images and reproducing them on paper during the trip.   

JOURNAL ENTRY: We’re in Edinburgh Scotland where some of my husband’s maternal forebears are from.  He wants to explore what made them leave kith and kin to chart life in a place with (for them) unknown paths, e.g. North America.  I myself am hoping to find traces or myths of dragons.  Though we’ve spent two nights here there have been no signs or mention of dragons unless you count Nessie of Loch Ness Monster fame who is a myth but not really a dragon.  St. George must not have been Scottish. 
But there are other visuals to take in. Yesterday’s tour took us by several statues, one of which was of the scientist James Clerk Maxwell, the one that gave the name to Maxwell Montes on Venus. Wikipedia calls him Scotland’s Einstein
It made me sad not to be able to tell the late Dr. Claudia Alexander, the scientist who started to write science books for children, that I saw the original Maxwell of the Maxwell Montes illustration sketch I did for her.  Of course no one would mistake the original for my version . .

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