I grew up in Indonesia, a land of myth, magic and shadow puppets. I now try to interpret the wonder I felt as a child through images cut and assembled from colored paper.

While in Japan as a trailing spouse, my favorite side job was reading stories to pre-schoolers at the Tokyo American Club. My current use of cut paper for illustrations is a hold-over from those story reading days, when my paper cut-outs were to help my young charges relive the stories at home.

Today I am reaching out to a wider audience.  So far my images have appeared in Learning A-Z, Red Phoenix Books and Excalibur Books. These wonderful assignments allowed me to explore an unusual variety of characters, from children and animals to mythical and fantasy figures. But I hope to add written stories to my outreach as well.

I am a proud alumna of CBA and a full member of SCBWI.

For more information and make comments on my work, please get in touch. You may also contact me at terry@terrylims.com

Thanks for your interest.

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